Web Push Notifications for Ecommerce

Dynamically Retarget your website visitors and grow Conversions

QGraph’s Dynamic Retargeting works exactly like Facebook’s & Criteo’s

Facebook Dynamic Ad

QGraph Dynamic Push Notification

Highest Level of Personalization

Dynamically retarget with all product details like image, price, name, product URL.

Get Started Immediately

We integrate your product feed and in less than a couple of hours, you’re LIVE!

Introducing Collage Push – multiple products in a single push notification

Collage Push is a visually appealing and scalable format to send recently-viewed products, product recommendations, cross-selling products & more.

Bewakoof.com saw a 51% Lift in push conversions by dynamically retargeting users abandoning cart

Bewakoof.com is India’s leading destination for millennial fashion, driven by a dynamic brigade of youngsters and a colossal following with the country’s youth


Lift in Push Conversions

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Clovia.com dynamically retargeted browse abandoned users to lift conversions by 22%

Clovia is one of the leading and fastest growing lingerie & nightwear shopping brands in India.


Lift in Push Conversions

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Benefits of Dynamic Retargeting for Ecommerce

Highest Click Through Rates

Globally FB, Google, Criteo etc see their highest CTRs in dynamically retargeted campaigns. No strategy works better to get more clicks.

No SPAM, 100% Relevant

Dynamically retargeted messages are also the MOST personalized messages. Users will love them.

Fully Automated Platform

From data tracking to notification sending, the whole process is 100% automatic. No human intervention needed. Save your time.

Get Started Immediately

If you start now, in 2 hours you can dynamically retarget every user who lands on your website. No long integration cycles that extend for months.

Awesome Features

Cart Abandonment Push

Automatically trigger a web push notification when a user abandons cart

Browse Abandonment Push

Automatically trigger a web push notification when a user browses one or more products but doesn’t add to cart

Product Recommendations

QGraph Recommendation Engine, based on collaborative filtering, generates product recommendations from user activity on your website

Price Drop Push

Automatically trigger a web push notification when price drops on a product that a user had viewed or added to cart. Learn more...

Restock Push

Automatically trigger a web push notification when a product viewed by the user is back in stock

User Segmentation

Segment users based on user activity on your website. Learn more...

Automatic Campaigns

Create rule-based Triggers to automatically send campaigns based on user activity. Learn more...

Scheduled Campaigns

Schedule a campaign to run repeatedly or once in the future. Learn more...

1:1 Personalization

Dynamically personalize web push notification content for each user. Include user attributes, event parameters and product recommendations. Learn more...

Realtime Analytics

Track all campaign statistics in real-time. Learn more...

Product Feed Integration

Include product parameters from your product feed to dynamically personalize web push notification content

Frequency Cap

Limit the number of web push notifications that you send to a user in a given time window


What is a web push notification?
Web push notifications are browser based push notifications that you can send to your website visitors even when they are not on your website. Upon clicking the push notification, user is sent to the URL that you specified in the push notification. You can specify any URL, even outside your domain.

Do my website visitors need to subscribe for web push notifications?
Yes. You can request user permission via an opt-in prompt on your website.

What devices support web push notifications?
Web Push notifications are available on desktop and android mobile devices. iOS does not currently support web push notifications.

What are the benefit of web push notifications?

  • Retarget your anonymous website visitors, even when they are not on your website.
  • Higher Reach than email: opt-in rate for web push notifications is significantly higher than that of email.
  • Higher CTRs than email