Price Drop Notifications via Push & Email

Send Automated Notifications whenever price drops on products that a user had interacted with (viewed, added to cart/wishlist etc.)


How do Price Drop Notifications work?
QGraph’s Advanced Personalization Engine uses a 2-step process to send fully personalized price drop notifications:
1. Identify products whose prices have dropped by monitoring your product feed for changes.
2. Identify users who have recently interacted with such products.
Say, John viewed 3 products – A, B and C – while Tom viewed 2 products – B and D. The next day prices for products B and C drop. In such a scenario, John will be automatically notified about price drop for products B and C while Tom will be notified about product B.

Can these notifications be configured on events other than product view?
Yes. You can configure these notifications on any user interaction with a product. For e.g., product view, add to cart, add to wishlist, remove from cart and more.

What implementation steps are required? How do you get product feed?
We just need a public URL to your Google Product Feed. In case you don’t have one, we can work with you to explore alternatives.

Which marketing channels can I use to send these notifications?
You can notify users via any channel – App Push, In-App Notifications, Browser Push, Email or SMS.

Can I send these notifications to Anonymous users also?
Yes. You can send these notifications to any user, irrespective of whether the user has signed-in or not. The channels available for anonymous users are app push, browser push and in-app notifications.