Floating In-App Notifications

Non-Intrusive, Persistent, Contextual & Beautiful messages personalized for each user.

Beautiful in-app notifications your users would fall in love with. Create your own look by customizing text, image, buttons, colors, size, deeplinks and more.


Floating & Non-Intrusive

Define the initial state of the in-app as a Floating Bubble or Expanded. User can kill the floating bubble anytime. Define a different bubble image for each campaign, and even set the floating bubble to auto-disappear after the in-app has been displayed.


Run multiple in-app campaigns simultaneously for a user with each campaign being triggered instantly based on the user's activity. Target users using a combination of Segments and Triggers based on the user's attributes, event and event parameters. For example, in an ecommerce app, every product category can have its own in-app.


Until the in-app notification is displayed, the Floating Bubble persists while the user navigates on a screen or across screens. Once the in-app notification has been displayed, you can define if the bubble persists or not.