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Rich Push Notifications for iOS 10

Introducing Carousel and Rich Push Notifications for iOS 10.

Send Hyper-Personalized Content in our unique Carousel formats. Or Use standard iOS 10 formats like image, audio and video.

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Engage Users across Channels

Send Beautiful Hyper-Personalized Content in Push Notifications and In-App Messages on Android and iOS, Web Push Notifications, Email and SMS.

Dynamic Content Personalization

Use Event data or Product Feed parameters to send Hyper-Personalized content, at Scale and with Minimum Effort! Don’t just insert user’s name and other user variables. Go beyond! Create a campaign and see each user get a message with the text, images and deeplinks personalized just for her.

Platform Features

Real-time User Segments

Segment users based on user attributes or activity. Learn more...

Automatic Campaigns

Create rule-based Triggers to automatically send campaigns based on user activity. Learn more...

Scheduled Campaigns

Schedule a campaign to run repeatedly or once in the future. Learn more...

Real-time Campaign Performance

Get real-time campaign performance tracked at the user level. Learn more...

1:1 Personalization

Automatically personalize content for each user. Learn more...

Install Source Attribution

Automatically pull data from your app install attribution partner. Learn more...

Uninstall Analytics

The most advanced app uninstall analytics. Track each uninstall by source, lifecycle stage, install source etc. Learn more...

User Lifecycle

Track each user by the farthest they have ever dropped in the funnel. Learn more...

Conversion Funnels

Dynamic Funnels let you see conversion rates for any event. Learn more...

Geo Analytics

See installs, current/uninstalled users and uninstall rates laid out visually on an interactive map. Learn more...

Rich User Profiles

Get rich profile for each user. Learn more...


Ecommerce Module

Price Drop Alert

Send automatically when price drops on a product that a user had viewed or added to cart. Learn more...

Restock Alert

Send automatically when a product viewed by the user is back in stock.

Cart Abandoned Alert

Send automatically when a user abandons cart.

Product Feed Integration

Personalize each message with one or more product parameters.

Recommendation Engine

Send recommended products in messages.

Content Analytics

Analyze your product feed performance by views and conversions.